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how should i care for my eyes?

Some people may develop eye problems during treatment with ELAHERE. These may include blurred vision, dry eyes, sensitivity to light, eye pain, or new or worsening vision changes. Tell your doctor if you have a history of vision or eye problems.

To help manage your risk, here are steps you can take:

  • Your doctor will prescribe steroid eye drops and over-the-counter, lubricating, preservative-free eye drops for use before you start treatment, and during your treatment, with ELAHERE
    • You should use eye drops as directed by your doctor. Refer to the Eye Care While on ELAHERE brochure for more detailed information
    • Avoid wearing contact lenses throughout your treatment with ELAHERE unless your doctor tells you that you can

Your doctor will also have you meet with an eye doctor (ophthalmologist or optometrist) before your first infusion and periodically throughout your treatment. You will receive 2 types of eye drops to use during your treatment. Be sure to use the eye drops exactly as directed by your doctor

Recommended schedule for eye drops

Steroid eye drops

On the day before your ELAHERE infusion:

Apply one drop in each eye 6 times daily

On the day of your infusion and for 3 days after (Days 1-4):

Apply one drop in each eye 6 times daily

On Days 5-8:

Apply one drop in each eye 4 times daily

Lubricating eye drops

The use of preservative-free lubricating eye drops is also recommended at least 4 times daily and as needed during treatment. Wait at least 10 minutes after administering steroid eye drops before using lubricating eye drops

Your eye doctor may be able to help you manage side effects, regardless of severity.

  • Eye-related side effects most commonly occurred between the second and third infusion of ELAHERE
  • In clinical studies, no patients had permanent eye-related side effects
  • Less than 1% of people in the study stopped treatment because of eye problems

During treatment with ELAHERE, tell your doctor if you experience any eye problems, including blurred vision, dry eyes, sensitivity to light, eye pain, or new or worsening vision changes

If you experience side effects that interfere with your daily life, your doctors may talk with each other about next steps:

  • Your oncologist may pause treatment until your symptoms improve. Once symptoms improve, you may resume treatment
  • Your oncologist may decide to continue treatment with ELAHERE, but at a reduced dose
  • Depending on how serious the eye-related side effects are, your oncologist may have you discontinue treatment

Need reminders to use your eye drops? There are several mobile apps available for download, designed to help you and/or your caregiver remember your eye drop schedule. You or your caregiver can find a variety to choose from at your preferred app store

You may experience blurred vision while receiving ELAHERE

Tips for dealing with blurred vision

  • In the clinical study of ELAHERE, nearly 50% of people had blurred vision at some point in time
  • Most people who had blurred vision noticed it around the second infusion
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses during your treatment with ELAHERE unless your doctor tells you that you can

If you experience blurred vision or vision changes, you should contact your doctor

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Additional support for you

Before you start treatment with ELAHERE, your doctor will recommend that you meet with an eye doctor for an eye exam

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